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How do you move when you feel stuck?

My mom’s dream was to own  her own health and wellness centre, she even got so far that she opened her own facility in the summer, but the saddest part is the lack of business. People always say “oh you’ll get it everyone always starts of slow” but when it actually happens to you it feels like forever and is really discouraging.

I see my mom stress about her business while working two other jobs to pay all the bills and I know it makes her sad and that makes me sad. I’m my mom’s right hand man, or should I say girl, Im constantly researching ways to promote her business. We get a little business here and there but not a lot, every time we get business I always think “hey maybe they’ll be our lucky break and well get a bunch of business” but it never seems to be the case.

 I feel so hopeless seeing my mom sad and feeling as if I tried my best and it still isn’t good enough, I don’t want to give up because I know a health and wellness centre is something that wouldn’t run out of business because it’s so useful, It’s so confusing because I use different promoting websites and I make a bunch of program posters that would attract my attention if i was reading yet I still feel stuck.

Last year I finished my 3 year program at college which was related to nutrition and health and decided it take the year off to work at my mom’s company. I have a very small circle of friends yet there all great, my only problem is that I’ve kinda been lying to them…Im not one to lie, in fact I really rather not cause I feel like they can always see right through my lies although thats not the case. I’ve kind of locked myself off from my friends, not permanently just temporary because until I go back to school in September (doing a new program nutrition and health business related to expand my knowledge) I currently dont have much going on in my life other than work and thats not doing so well right now and its kinda embarrassing. 

I know my friends would be understanding but I cant help but feel they would look at me a little different. I dont talk to my friends as much as I usually do because every time they ask me how im doing I just say “oh im good busy at work” like literally, every. single. time. It gets me so mad cause I dont want to lie! But I feel like such a loser! lol I just wish we had a bunch of business so I could tell them all the progress were making and all the exciting upcoming events! I feel like when we do get a lot of business then I’d be able to tell them “look guys we were really struggling and it was really hard but we got through it and now were doing great! Ugh I was I was there now! Im the kind of person that doesnt fish for compliments or want people to feel sorry for them, for some reason it I feel it’s kind of annoying lol.

Anyways do to the lack of business my mom hasn’t been able to pay me in months which really sucks but I completely understand why, Sometimes I get so frustrated that she can’t pay me but I can’t say anything cause it’s not her fault. She asked me to look for a part time job just until we start doing better but every time I think of getting another job I just feel like as soon as I get it im gonna have to quit do to the grow of my business as if we start to succeed as soon as I get the job lol, quitting a job is a whole new problem on its own. Ive never quit  job before, I tend to feel for people more than I should, I feel like if I quit im gonna hurt the managers feelings and I’ll feel really bad, (although they probably have a bunch of people lined up to take my place lol). If I could id probably quit via text just so I wouldnt have the face them aha. Although quitting would be scary, I do want money and right now her business isnt doing as good as we’d like at the moment, so im still looking for a job just to help her with the bills and some money for myself.

Oh by the way my dreams is to own my own healthy food restaurant and seeing as my mom has her own health and wellness centre it goes hand in hand and the bottom part of our facility just opened up, how perfect would it be if we could own it and I start my business off small with something like a healthy food catering company? that would be soo awesome! but once again lack of business = lack funds (N) but I still have hope! If you guys know any good business promoting websites feel free to share the link! 🙂