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Finding Myself

Hello to anyone that’s reading this blog, as you may know, from my past posts Ive been having problems with my confidence and although I haven’t posted anything in a while, ive been working on my self everyday, and here is what ive learned.

I am now 21 and I finally feel like I found myself. I finally know who I am. Only problem is, change. I feel like a confident hyper social butterfly on the inside but shy and quiet on the outside and it sucks! Now ive been working on myself and I feel like I know who I really am its just not that easy but since ive started to make the change a while back, I now feel like a have alot more confidence then I did before, although im still kind of shy. 

One of the mean problems im having is the people around me not accepting change. I personally see alot more change in myself then my family and friends, they not even acknowledge anything when im pretty sure they notice a different in my confidence. There all good people its just, when I do do something that the old me wouldnt do, they look at me like what are you doing? and its like “?” who do you change when everyone else is saying no? 







How I Plan to Change?

I don’t want to be shy anymore. I’ve tried many ways to gain confidence, none of which seems to work. I wont give up because I want it that bad. I am currently trying to change my life by working on my fitness  and what I found is, its starting to work. Of course its not easy in fact its very hard! when I don’t see huge results in a few weeks it makes me mad and my confidence some out goes down, but I know if I keep at it and work even harder that I will get it, and when it comes so with my confidence.


-Diary of a Shy Girl