Dear Lack of Confidence,

For some reason I feel as if my lack of confidence is a person, this might sound weird but i wanted to write about it.

Dear Lack of Confidence,

I hate you. Everytime I feel as if my confidence is getting higher youuuuu decide to show your face again. I feel as if im fighting myself! am I crazy? (hope not aha) anyways it feels like when my confidence gets better my lack of confidence gets worse! I wish it was something i could just take out of myself, id say bye bye to my shyness and lack of confidence a long time ago if it was that easy.

Last night you showed up like never before, So bad that im still sad about it today, Im so embarrassed I cant even write about what happened, I over analyzed everything and acted like a jealous fool but I couldnt help it! I tried and bit my tongue but you still came out! Why is this so hard for me? I feel like im the only one that thinks like this. Anyways I let all my sadness soak in and now im over it! I WILL have more confidence one today because I never want you to show up like your did last night I will make sure you never show up again.

– Diary of a Shy Girl


2 thoughts on “Dear Lack of Confidence,

  1. I know exactly how that feels. It does take time, but I think you will feel more confident. I know it seems hard to win it sometimes, but I think that just makes it more worth it when you get it.

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