Interracial Confusion

Theres so many things in my life that has made my confidence the way it is today. Im mixed with both black and white. As a child I found myself constantly comparing myself to one side of my family more than the other. Id look in the mirror and ask myself ” why cant i have nice hair like them”, ” why cant i have green eyes like them” I thought it was such a tease to have a light skinned complexion but nothing else. I never thought I was hideous but i could never see anything “special” about how i looked, Now i know looks are not everything! but they are something. I know your thinking wow i judged myself alot as a child! aha yeah I really did and wouldnt dare tell anyone about it! But once again its something im working on and of course im trying to not compare myself anymore and i dont think im the hottest looking person on earth but I no longer think im the worse looking either. My life is a work in progress, instead of looking at myself  and saying what I hate, I look at what I like about it and accept it :).

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