Call Me Skinny and Ill Call You Fat!

As a child I had a very fast metabolism which made me skinny although I ate like a beast, and  because I was skinny everybody that had a mouth had to remind me of how skinny i was (as if i didn’t see myself every single day!)  of course because of the constant judgement of everyone saying ” your too thin” “your not eating”  “you need to put on some weight”,  it brought my self esteem down a whole lot. I couldn’t even wear shorts because i hated how my legs looked, I hated my body so much. All I wanted to do was gain some weight so everyone would just shut up!  So I ended up doing something stupid….like really stupid… I wanted to gain weight fast! Anyone ever see “Super Size Me”?… Of course I wasnt dumb enough to do what he did but I knew eating junk food and fast food atleast 5 times a week would surely help my weight problem. Anyways i ended up getting use to this unhealthy diet and gained some weight but also gained a stomach… My friends and family dont say much about it but to me it looked as if I was pregnant! As soon as I seen this I just said to myself STOP! I was so mad that I let myself get that bad. I was skinny fat. Skinnish everywhere except my stomach. Of course I changed my eating habits to healthy right away and vowed to never ever do that again! I never told anyone because it was clearly a stupid idea but when everyone is judging you and your just so insecure you’d do anything to make them stop. Over the few months my stomach has gotten smaller thankfully and I dont think of myself as skinny anymore nor do I have people telling that I am, but every now and then ill have a someones parent telling me im skinny and there goes my confidence again.. everyone that is “skinny” knows what I mean when I say calling us skinny is the SAME as calling someone fat! People dont seem to realize. They think oh im gonna tell her how skinny she is because ” im concerned” well if i said oh my look how fat you’ve gotten! people will say its rude and an insult but isnt it the same thing?.. Im healthy and happy with my weight im not trying to be skinny or fat, so now if anyone insults my weight I just tell them I dont care because its MY body! Call Me Skinny and Ill Call You Fat.


-Diary of a Shy Girl


6 thoughts on “Call Me Skinny and Ill Call You Fat!

  1. I hear you. Why is it okay to ream a skinny person up and down? I used to get the “you look like you’ve been in a concentration camp” comment and then they’d say, oh, no, that’s a compliment! I’m not that thin anymore, but I still have people say “oh, you can eat anything you want.” Not true. It’s called eating healthy, folks. Oh, dear, I think you touched a nerve!

  2. Hee Hee Skinny Fat is how I describe myself due to unhealthy eating habits. Yeah, I got a lot of you are too skinny comments in my childhood as well. What hurts is when another thin person puts you down for your weight. Like, have you looked in the mirror woman? You probably weigh 3 pounds more than me and you are calling me bony?

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