The Beginning.

Its weird, I have so many things to say in my head but I don’t know how to write them down. Ive made this blog because ive been shy my entire life and I absolutely hate it. I guess you can say my past experiences had a big influence on my life. I feel as if I have this confident girl instead me but shes too scared to come out. My first quote had to be something that I feel could motivate me, my goal is to not sit here and hear people say ” accept your life the way it is”, but to actually go out and get the life I want! I wont give up because I want it, because this is my future and my dream is to be happy and I WILL do everything I can until I can be were I wanna be.


-Diary of a Shy Girl

One thought on “The Beginning.

  1. hey
    nice to read the clarity about thoughts that you have about yourself. you atleast “know” what you have to deal with. if you would go through my blog – would be a small help for you in a way. take care keep smiling feel free to email me at

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