Do Dreams Really Come True?

People always say “anything can happen”, “dreams do come true”, “think positive and positive things will happen”, but sometimes I cant help but feel like there just words and that they don’t really mean anything. You may be shocking to hear this but I am scared of “dreaming”, through out the years I’ve dreamt about so many things, things that weren’t wild or impossible,they just decided to not come true and its been hard seeing my dreams fail over and over again so whenever I thought about something that I want to happen in my future I automatically say to myself  ” you cant think of dreams or they wont come true”. I don’t say much of that anymore now that im trying to improve myself I guess you can say my lack of confidence was really trying to tear me down. I am starting to gain confidence in myself,  I now know what I want and I know I am going to get it, I just have to faith. Have. Faith.


-Diary of a Shy Girl



8 thoughts on “Do Dreams Really Come True?

  1. I completely understand how you feel. So many times in life, we are let down by people (including ourselves) and deeply hurt and disappointed by dreams, plans and goals that never came to fruition. The key to never losing hope is KNOWING that the One who breathed life into us, who gave us our first tiny seed of faith and all it will ever need to grow, the one who made the bold promise that we CAN do ALL things through Him, the one who gives us strength, who hears and answers our every prayer; is the very same one who planned our journey from it’s first step all the way through to the last one that carries us through the gates of His Heavenly city, our eternal home.
    Knowing that He chooses which dreams come true and which plans are successful can offer us either peace or resentment. Whether or not we trust Him is the deciding factor of which one of those we feel when things don’t go exactly as we hoped they would.
    If we know that He has already made plans for us and trust that He is only keeping us on the correct path; the one that leads us to Him and home, we find it much easier to deal with the dreams that don’t come true for us.
    We have to realize that, while He promises to give us the strength we need to accomplish anything, we also need to be called according to HIS purpose. He isn’t going to help us to deviate from the perfect plans He has for us.
    When we believe that He has a much better future planned for us than we could ever dream up on our own, we will still feel disappointed when things don’t work out the way WE planned. But with our faith firmly planted in Him, those disappointments aren’t quite so devastating. Peace will come even in our times of disappointment, once we understand that sometimes our broken dreams, dashed plans and seemingly unanswered prayers are simply our Heavenly Father saying to us, “I have something MUCH BETTER in mind for you.”
    Faith in HIM makes all the difference.

    May the LORD bless you and keep you in His care,

  2. Dreams do come true. They just often don’t come true when you WANT them to! I know I always wanted to live in Colorado, ever since I was in highschool. I finally got a chance w hen I was 24, but I blew it off. Then, I got another chance much later in life, when I really didn’t want to go. It was hell for awhile, but eventually, I see the silver lining. I have found that every thing that I really really wished for has come true: true love, having a baby, living in a nice place, etc. When you feel it in your heart that that’s what you want, make your wish. When the time is right, the Universe will respond.

  3. I don’t believe dreams just “come true.” Rather, we put things into motion and place for them to come true through lots of hard work mixed with a fair amount of luck. The luck (being in the right place at the right time) is the “coming true” part, but even then, if you’re not prepared when it happens then it’s not the right time. The most important thing is to have dreams, to envision them, to know what you want. If you really believe in your dreams, then you will take the necessary steps to make them a reality. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  4. Hey just read your blog . Its cute how you share your emotions and you ‘ know ‘ yourself so well. Just wanting you to go through my blog ‘’ would be a bit of help for you
    Thanks keep smiling

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